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The mountain lifestyle is often equated with healthy living.  Here at The Fountain, we want to provide options to optimize health for all who spend time in Crested Butte.  Our health and immune-boosting options are ideal for anyone seeking to improve their physical fitness, decrease recovery times, and maximize wellness.  From treatments designed specifically for visitors to our high altitude valley to treatments for extreme athletes training to compete at the highest levels, our goal is to provide efficient and effective solutions, so you can get back out there and enjoy your time in the mountains.


Erin Sunday


Erin is a board certified women's health nurse practitioner as well as a certified nurse midwife with over 10 years of experience in helping women achieve optimal health and wellness. Her interest in the integrated approach to health care has always guided her path as a health care professional. Erin earned her masters degree as an advanced practice nurse from the University of Colorado Health Science Center in 2008, then completed a post-masters certificate in nurse midwifery in 2009. Her research focused on the use of bioidentical hormones for treating menopausal symptoms and improving life satisfaction.


Her professional experience is diverse and includes working with women through the lifespan, from puberty through menopause, while always continuing to improve their quality of health. Health education, prevention, and promotion serve as the foundation for her practice as a health care provider, but also to diagnose and manage illness and treat various health conditions.


Erin resides primarily in Crested Butte, CO where she has been enjoying a small town mountain lifestyle for over 20 years. It is through the balance of work and play that she has gained the knowledge and skills to share with her clients to optimize their own personal health and wellbeing.

Jill Grzeskiewicz


Jill is a Masters-prepared Registered Nurse who has over 12 years of experience in various hospital settings.  She spent much of her career working in high-volume, fast paced urban hospitals, where she was able to quickly grow her skills and knowledge as an Emergency Department nurse.  She then went on to carry several leadership roles within those facilities, and became passionate about understanding the healthcare system, and how it could be improved.  She is currently back in school, working towards a degree to become a Mental Health Nurse Practitioner.  


Throughout her career, Jill identified a need for preventative, or early treatment, as a solution for overcrowding in the busy Emergency Departments.  This led her to found and build a successful mobile IV Hydration and Wellness company in Baltimore, providing in-home care to patients with the goal of decreasing patient volumes for the highly trafficked EDs.  


In 2019, Jill and her partner made the decision to move across the country, and found themselves in Gunnison, CO.  She has quickly adjusted to small town living, embracing the Gunnison Valley Community along with its vast opportunities for health, wellness, and fun.  

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